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eInc Organization is a smart contract with predefined protocol (eInc protocol) and running on EtherInc blockchain, every eInc has a unique name and will be maintained by eIncNS (eInc organizations name service) smart contract.
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ETI Coin

Create eInc

Create eInc Organizations

ETI coin can be used to deploy eInc organization on EtherInc blockchain, eIncNS for registry of eInc organizations


Create Proposals

ETI coin can be used to create proposals like "Issue Shares, Appoint CEO and others" for eInc organization on EtherInc blockchain


Vote on Proposals

ETI coin can be used to vote on proposals / execute proposals for eInc organization on EtherInc blockchain


Pay Salary

ETI coin can be used to pay salary by creating "Salary/Payment" proposal and pass that proposal in order to pay salary



Creating, managing and operating an organization can be needlessly complicated with lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexities, numerous fees and unnecessary intermediaries and third parties imposing artificial restrictions.


We built einc to empower teams around the globe to create, manage and operate decentralised democratic organizations that are more resilient and trusted, enabling efficient creation of value without borders, restrictions and costly intermediaries.


EtherInc UI

eInc Explorer (etherinc.org) lets you manage eInc, Create proposals, take actions on your eInc and keeps a record of transactions


web3.js is a collection of libraries which allow you to interact with a local or remote etherinc blockchain node

dOrg + dApps

eInc dOrg (DAO) and utility dApps for eInc like HR, Payroll or other dApps

EtherInc Protocol

Peer-to-peer communications between nodes running EtherInc clients

EtherInc Blockchain

EtherInc blockchain is a fork of Ethereum blockchain to power the future of organizations

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Proven domain expertise meets opportunity. The EtherInc has a proven history of technical achievement
and passion for technology. In past our team worked for

worked with companies

Tarun Malik

Tarun is a serial entrepreneur who is qualified and highly sought after expert in business strategy and implementing ICT in solving real world problems. Tarun is a graduate from Melbourne Business School and understands the structure of the commercial world and is ambitious to revolutionise the industry. He has worked with PwC, SwissRe, Johnson&Johnson, Biogen and other mutinational organisations and startups. Tarun has been exploring the best ways to enable businesses to work together using decentralized ledger systems. Indeed, his entrepreneurship and vision will lead eInc to another level.

Suryansh Kumar

Suryansh, a geek at heart, dropped out of college to pursue entrepreneurship. He founded Piplity - one of India's earliest social network which got featured in leading national newspapers of India. His other popular products include Pipcity (India's Yelp which grew to a 100+ people team), OBTrack (~ a chrome extension that is doing 1.5 Million impressions per month) and Codepanel (a cloud OS for developers) which got the attention of Ycombinator. He is a popular blockchain coder who has helped build the tech behind many blockchain projects.

Anant Mendiratta

Anant is an entrepreneur and digital marketing pro who has helped companies like Accenture, Saint-Gobain, Vidooly, Ridlr (acquired by Ola), TargetingMantra (acquired by Snapdeal) to grow their digital presence. He started WorkoutTrends.com that went from 0 to 100k users in organic search traffic within 5 months of launch. Recently, he has helped popular crypto startups like VeriME, Budbo and more raise $30M+ through ICOs at JacobiPartners.

Cernat Constantin

Blockchain Developer
Cernat is a passionate blockchain developer with an experience in working on communication protocols. Cernat has worked as embedded software developer at Bitron and Continental AG before joining EtherInc.

Radu Nemerenco

Radu am a FrontEnd developer with 4 years of experience. Radu is experienced in working in JS framework including AngularJS, ReactJS, Spring, Redux, Angular 2, 4 and VueJS.

Hakar Youssef

Graphic Designer
Hakar has over 7 years of graphic design experience. Hakar will be responsible for creating visual concepts that communicate our product and vision to our customers.

Zsuzsanna Kiss

Compliance Officer
Zsuzsanna Kiss is an experienced in AML compliance officer with an experience in working with Swiss Crypto Exchange, Deloitte, EY and other multinational organisations.

Neacsu Mihai

Marketing Manager
Mihai is a performance marketing specialist which has worked with over 500 businesses world wide, implementing B2B and B2C performance & branding campaigns. He also brings on a helpful insight in community management, having experience with both Fortune 500 companies and local businesses that he helped growing.


Sandeep Amar

20 years of professional experience, right from large companies to start-up experience. Leading large digital teams as a senior digital professional since last 10 years. CEO since last 3 years, currently at Indian Express Digital and previously at India.com, ZEE and Penske media JV. 14 years of strong marketing background, B2C, B2B, in publisher business, growing audiences by multiple folds, and revenues by positively impacting agency / client ecosystem.


Madison is vastly experienced within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and his experience in the blockchain space can be seen on all communities and social media platforms. He is Director of both Crypto Revolution Investments and Executive Director of Australias first cryptocurrency fund New Dawn. His knowledge and understanding around a developing market and its regulatory framework, combined with his innovative solutions and experience make Madison a vital adviser to the project. Madison is part of the administration team of the largest cryptocurrency group in Australia and his reach spreads far outside Australian borders for contacts in this ever-changing landscape.

Jatin Malwal

Jatin is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in fintech, ecommerce and blockchain technologies. Jatin was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 in Finance and Venture Capital in 2017. Jatin co-founded India's leading peer to peer lending platform and has built applications with over 20 million downloads.

Vladimir Nikitin

Vladimir Nikitin, Master of Law, Master of Economics (Finance and Credit), has an experience in the field of Civil Law, finance, internet technologies for more than 10 years. Working with the companies from a variety of areas: retail, consulting, restaurants, IT companies. For more than 2 years, he is an active member of crypto community and is an active supporter and promoter of blockchain technologies.

Tyler Sanford

Tyler has a deep understanding of the blockchain industry and is always searching for new and innovative ways to help improve the space as a whole. To date he’s been a part of 8 ICO’s raising $130+ Million. He brings a strong knowledge of marketing experience with seven years of experience with Tech-Startups such as Yelp and Zenefits. Tyler is also a former professional baseball player with the Los Angeles Angels Organization.

Nikolay Shkilev

Nikolay Shkilev is an entrepreneur, owner and co-owner of dozens of successful business projects as an ICO advisor and a blockchain expert. Nikolay has 20 years of experience of being involved in large scale projects, and has many awards and titles in an area of IT technologies. Some of his awards include: Self Made Russia Award, Tech Guru Super TOP award. His holding received the 'Enterprise of the Year' in Kremlin.

Mofassair Hossain

Mofassair Hossain is a Chartered Management Accountant and Former Technology officer of Gono Unnayan Bikash Kendra. Mofassair Hossain is also an Expert at Isreali Blockchain Association and Ambassador to Humaniq. Mofassair is now associated with ICOs and helping them in the area of Marketing, PR and Advertisements.

Rumen Slavchov

Rumen Slavchov corporate journey started as an investment broker which allowed him to gain knowledge on both the investment opportunities and technological advancements that came with cryptocurrencies. His expertise ranges from trading to advisory and marketing with startups that want to do a tokenized crowdsale.


Q3 2017
eInc DApp
eInc DApp launched on Ethereum blockchain
Launched Etherinc.org - eInc organization explorer
EtherInc blockchain Research started
Feb 13, 2018
EtherInc Blockchain Launched
Release of the EtherInc blockchain source code
Launched 7 public EtherInc blockchain Mainnet nodes
Launched 3 public EtherInc blockchain Ropsten nodes
Feb 24, 2018
EtherInc Services Launched
EtherInc Wallet launched
EtherInc blockchain API (MAINNET) launched
EtherInc blockchain API (ROPSTEN) launched
Feb 27, 2018
EtherInc Services Launched
EtherInc blockchain Network status (MAINNET) launched
EtherInc blockchain Network status (ROPSTEN) launched
eIncMeta Chrome extension launched
Mar 06, 2018
EtherInc Public Mining Started
EtherInc (ETI) Public mining started
Some Mining Pool listed EtherInc
Q2 2018
EtherInc Community building
Coin sale started
Q3 2018
Exchanges & Listings
EtherInc Exchange listing
Partner with wallet providers to include ETI
Invite startups to conduct ICO using EtherInc blockchain
Q4 2018
dApp Marketplace Launch
eInc dApp Marketplace Launch
eInc startup portal launch to select startups
based on community voting
Development of eInc dApp for Marketplace will start,
Like: DAICO, HR dApp, Payroll dApp
Q1 2019
Diplomacy Begins
Diplomacy begins to partner with countries to get
eInc organizations a legal status
Q2 2019
eIncNS & eInc Startups
eIncNS (eInc Name service / organization registry) Launch
eInc startup fund launch in collaboration with incubator programs globally
Q3 2019
Research begin on new DAO models
Q4 2019
Campaigns to educate people about advantages of eInc Organisations
Partnerships with universities to educate eInc organization structure

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